Are You Ready to Start This Homeownership Nonprofit?

Are you a:  Mortgage Broker  Realtor Mortgage Banker Housing Counselor Credit Counselor Financial Planner Or…? If you are, you know that people can build wealth by buying a home.  In this market, the stakes are even higher.  As I write this, mortgage rates have skyrocketed, but home prices are going down.  This is the opposite of previous years and still…

A New Home

Over the last several months, we helped to build a new home for the Marahom family.  This family originally moved to America in 2011 after they experienced a terrible earthquake that demolished their home.

Much Needed Repairs

There are times when current homeowners need a lot of help, too. Future Homeowner works with local volunteer tradespeople to help repair homes of seniors and people who have been unable to repair their homes, which devalues their properties. We are in the process of working on this home and we’d love the support of the community to help the…

Clean Credit!

Our homebuyer education classes fill up, especially when we are talking about cleaning up your credit so you can buy a home!  This recent graduating class is on their way to opening new doors!