Staff & Leadership


John Smith, Executive Director

John Smith is the original Executive Director of Future Homeowner. He came to us after working for 20 years in the mortgage industry and then for five years as executive director at another nonprofit organization.  John earned an MBA at Illustrious University.  He has been married to his wonderful wife, Jill, for 25 years.

Jane Doe, Program Director

As the former program director of a human services organization in Anytown, USA, Jane gained vast experience.  She has an MBA from Illustrious University and is the mother of 3 boys.

Mary Jones, Housing Counselor

Mary came to Future Homowner after working for six years at the Department of Human Services as a social worker.  She earned her B.S. degree in social work at Illustrious University.

Ted Moore, Credit Counselor

Ted became a certified credit counselor while working with the nonprofit organization, Mastery Credit Counseling.  He earned his bachelor degree in finance from Illustrious University.

Board of Directors

Dana Davis, Bank of Our Town, Board Chair

Dana Davis has been the V.P. of Lending at Bank of Our Town since 2017.  She has obtained her bachelor’s degree in finance at Ullustrious University.

Meg Lee, Town Accounting Solutions, Board Treasurer

Meg Lee is the owner of Town Accounting Solutions and a CPA.  She is the treasurer of Future Homeowner.

Tim Lopez, Town Realty, Board Secretary

Tim is a licensed realtor and owner of Town Realty.  Tim serves as board secretary.